Story Teller

Michele O'Brien starts with the story that needs to be told and then develops the character that needs to tell it. She likes to imagine herself as a  'Mrs Benn' and says:  "I can go into the changing area and find myself as Lady Macbeth with a vibrant story to tell, or a Baker making dough". Michele is a consummate actor involving her audience in the creative magic of a story. She is unique in her ability to engage audiences of every age with a wide range of theatrical skills and understanding and has thrilled audiences of all ages with her performances. She is a qualified actor for stage, screen and radio.

Michele O'Brien is a storyteller for pre-school children, school children and adults of all ages. She listens to the needs of her clients and crafts educational and entertaining pieces to compliment their curriculum needs. Michele creates stories and projects for a wide range of clients from Early Years settings to Able Gifted and Talented students. She uses theatre to work with groups of children and young people or individuals.

Michele O'Brien is proud to have been a part of the Sting in the Tale Festival for many years. Wonderful stories and traditional tales in inspiring places.