Poppy Fields

This year sees the launch of Poppy Fields, a dynamic project created by Valise Noire Storytelling Theatre, Michele O'Brien and Hazel Evans, to commemorate the First World War. Poppy Fields is a multi-faceted heritage and arts project incorporating the making of thousands of poppies to be included in site specific performances and an exhibition opening at Lighthouse Gallery on Wednesday 15th October to coincide with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra's commemorative concert.

Making Poppies:

Join us to make thousands of poppies for the Poppy Fields project this year to be part of the World War One commemorations with performances and an exhibition by Valise Noire Storytelling Theatre.

Please find the template below for making poppies for Poppy Fields. Please make as many as you can as we are looking to collect thousands made by schools, groups, and the public. You can then drop them into the collection points.


There are 2 sizes of poppies we want to make. Please feel free make a selection of both.

Materials for basic simple template:

  • Red paper to make the petals
    • tissue paper, craft paper, any kind of red paper.
  • Green paper to make the leaf
    • Craft paper, any kind of green paper but not tissue paper
  • Black paper
    • Craft paper, any kind of paper but not tissue paper
  • Wire
    • 30 cm (approx). Thick enough to stand rigid with the poppy on the end

You will also need:

  • Scissors
  • PVA glue (not watered down)


We would also like to encourage people to get creative and use different materials to create the poppies. Please use the template as a guideline for size, but feel free to get creative with your ideas for poppy making. For example poppies could be made by using a variety of different methods and materials such as knitting, using wire or metal, collage, material and different fabrics. We look forward to receiving your creations.

Poppy Fields is a Valise Noire project in partnership with The Heritage Lottery Fund, Bournemouth and Poole Cultural Hub, Borough of Poole Arts Service, Lighthouse Poole, Activate Performing Arts, Wave Arts Education Agency.

Please click here to download the PDF.

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