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Little Red Riding Hood: rehearsing for this year's christmas show with Bumblefly Theatre Co. Featured

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"It's that time again, the time we've waited for!"

bumblefly 2019 little rede

Oh I love it! Back with the team at Bumblefly Theatre Co. devising and rehearsing writer David Haworths' latest festive work of genius.......... 'Little Red Riding Hood' or 'Little Red' as we like to call her!

Earlier in the autumn I was approached by Forest Forge Theatre Company's CEO Sharon Lawless to be one of their Associate Artist and so it's a real privilege to be using FF's wonderful facilities in Ringwood along with another AA Anna Harriot and Dom Phillips of course, longstanding member of the FF team.

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So, this year's ribawld rendition for all ages includes (as ever) playing several parts in quick fire speed, with tails, tales, songs, ditties, truths and untruths...........come and see us at one of the very lovely venues around Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset.....full list at:

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